Our differentiated product solutions include category defining technologies that have improved the quality of life for patients globally. The KIC Ventures portfolio includes companies with a clear focus in leading outpatient interventional spine surgery and restoring natural spine motion with disc replacement surgery.
Artificial Disc Replacement
AxioMed is the only true viscoelastic disc replacement to complete an FDA clinical trial study and functions identical to the human disc.
The world’s only FDA-cleared patented synthetic biologics technology to accelerate bone growth in orthopedics.
Outpatient Sacro-Iliac Joint Fixation
Novel outpatient solution and lateral oblique technique to treat sacroiliac (SI) joint pain or dysfunction.
Outpatient Interspinous Fixation
Interspinous fixation and interlaminar distraction decompression technique that fuses the facet joint and interspinous/interlaminar space while preserving the disc function.
Outpatient Spine Fusion
Transfacet MIS pedical screw fixation for thoracolumbar spine fusion in an outpatient setting.
Outpatient Spine Fusion
MIS percutaneous pedicle screw fixation system for lumbar spine fixation, deformity and scoliosis correction.
Outpatient Spine Fusion
Interbody and Plate Fusion technology for spine surgery.
Outpatient Interventional Spine Surgery
Platform of outpatient medical devices for interventional spine surgery.
Outpatient Clinic Services
Outpatient orthopedic and spine medical practice.
Enterprise Healthcare Software
Enterprise-grade collaboration and sharing software for healthcare.